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Relationships can be the cause of many challenges

Having healthy relationships is a vital part of a person’s overall wellbeing, and our teens are no different. Teens need positive connections with parents, family, peers, teachers, coaches, and other authority figures. The problem is that, since teens don’t have a lot of life experience, they often don’t know what a healthy relationship looks like. If a teen is not aware of the characteristics of a healthy relationship, they can end up in an abusive situation without even realising it. In this workshop I will be discussing the 4 qualities of a healthy relationship: trust, communication, boundaries, and respect.

The workshop is set up in a very engaging manner to give all girls the opportunity to participate in thought provoking activities. It is not a pen to paper, booklet style workshop. It is an interactive group setting, giving participants the opportunity to reflect and ask questions in a safe, inclusive non-judgmental environment.  

Workshop date: Sunday, 20th of March, 2022

Start time: 12PM 
Finish time: 2.30PM
Location: UMA, 19 Enterprise Ave, Padstow NSW

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