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Boundaries & Re-defining Core Beliefs
Creative Arts Workshop

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How do you protect yourself in this world? How do you ensure that the things you care for are protected on a daily basis? One way we protect ourself is by having strict boundaries. Boundaries are extremely important for human beings to maintain. Healthy boundaries are necessary components for self-care. Without boundaries, we feel depleted, taken advantage of, taken for granted, or intruded upon. Whether it's in work or in our personal relationships, poor boundaries may lead to resentment, hurt, anger, and burnout.


What are core beliefs, and why do they matter?

Core beliefs are our most deeply held assumptions about ourselves, the world, and others. In fact, nothing matters more than our core beliefs. They are the root causes of many of our problems, including our automatic negative thoughts. 

What this workshop will cover

In this workshop the students will participate in reflection exercises to identify the core beliefs they would like to hold onto and would like to let go of. Most, if not all people have negative core beliefs. Even though negative core beliefs may not be true, they can feel true. But what’s also true is that they can be changed. 

This dunya is filled with many distractions, whether placed there on purpose or not. From the moment we can understand the world, we are told how to act, dress, talk, eat, talk and be. We absorb many messages from our environment and it can be hard to filter out the harmful ones which starts to take an effect on our mental health and well-being. This is where the Bubble of Peace can be introduced and worked on. Think of a literal bubble that you walk around in that you have complete control over. It is something purely for you, by you. The purpose of this bubble? To filter out all the negativity from the outside world so you are always in a safe and controlled environment. 


The students will participate in a visualisation and creative arts activity to create their own "bubble of peace". They will be provided with all the resources to make their own artwork to take home. 

The concept of setting boundaries and how to implement them will also be discussed with the girls as they form their bubble of peace to protect themselves from negative comments, situations and thoughts. 

This is a 3 hour workshop that will take place on Saturday at Liverpool City Library from 10.30am - 1.30pm. Light refreshments will be provided, however you will need to bring your own lunch. 

There are limited spots available, so register ASAP to not miss out!


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