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Join Life Coach,

Jahida El-Assaad and

Parent Coach,

Maysaa Fahour for a 2 part, 3 hour online Zoom series

discussing the

mother & father wound.


First Session with Coach Maysaa starting Tuesday, September 7, 2021

at 8.30PM -10.00PM 

Second Session with Coach Jahida continues on Wednesday, September 8, 2021

at 8.30PM - 10.00PM


Did you have a mother who…

- Looked to you to help her solve problems?
- Lived her life through you?
- Was a harsh critic?

- Was emotionally unavailable to you?

- Used guilt to control you?

- Made you feel like you were never enough?

Do you...


- Have a fear of judgement? 

- Lack self-confidence?

- Feel you have an inability to understand or express emotions?

- Tend to self-sabotage?

- Have weak boundaries?


You might be spending your adult life playing the role of the fixer, rescuer or enabler and you might have what is known as

“A Mother Wound.”

Come explore with Coach Maysaa on Tuesday the topic of The Mother Wound, where we learn the why and the how to start the healing.

Did you have a father who.. 

- Disapproved of you or your behaviour?

- Didn't spend much time with you?

- Withheld love, food or other essentials as a form of punishment?

- Was emotionally or physically absent?

- Abused your mother or your siblings or yourself?

- Was difficult to please?

- You lost due to death or divorce?

Do you...

- Have weak boundaries or the inability to say 'no'

- Seek relationships with men who have similar qualities to your own father?

- Have low self-worth or feel codependent?

- Feel discomfort in displaying your emotions?

- Unconsciously seek your father's approval in your adult life?

- Have a desire to be seen as 'strong' and never as 'weak'

- Hero worship the behaviour of your father regardless of his painful actions towards you?

- Have body image issues?

- Have rage/anger/distrust towards men?

You might be attracting partners who are narcissistic, emotionally unavailable, or burning yourself out by working so hard to prove your worth and you might have what is known as "A Father Wound."


Join Coach Jahida on Wednesday as she explores the topic of The Father Wound, where we learn the why and the how to start the healing.

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