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The Sisterhood Sanctuary is run by
Life Coach, Youth Mentor, School Teacher & Norwex Executive Sales Leader,
Jahida El-Assaad - Founder of Metamorphosis Coaching. 

This in an exclusive group for members only, created for like-minded women to come together and form a community of sisters who are on the journey of self-development and growth. It is a safe space for women to share, support and inspire one another. The journey to healing can be a very difficult and lonely one. Becoming a member of this group will connect you with women who can resonate with you and have a growth mindset just like you. 

In this group Coach Jahida will share valuable content and resources to help you master difficult feelings, reduce anxiety, build your confidence, find a purpose, and develop meaningful, thriving relationships. She helps people with several aspects such as guiding those who have hit a roadblock, want to grow their business, seek clarity, validation and much more.

To join Sisterhood Sanctuary there is a lifetime membership fee of $29.
Your membership gives you access to: 

Friends Having Fun
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Lifetime membership to join Sisterhood Sanctuary for only $29!

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