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Impact of a
Hyper-Sexualised Society  

Wednesday, 6th of July
6:30pm - 9pm
ONLINE via Zoom
$50 a ticket 
(Must be 15 and above)
Females only

Presented by Jahida El-Assaad,
Founder & CEO at Metamorphosis Coaching.

Jahida is a qualified teacher, life coach and youth mentor that facilitates many workshops on important mental health and well-being topics. She works closely with young girls, teens and women from different backgrounds, reflecting deeply on the current issues facing our Muslim Community. Jahida believes education and awareness is key in tackling the challenges of the 21st Century. The topic of sexualisation and it's impact is a crucial one for both mothers and daughter's to attend. This workshop will equip you with not only the foundation of what sexualisation is and how it impacts us a society, but also the skills to mentor and coach our youth who are being affected by the hyper-sexualisation culture. 

Expect to cover the following in this workshop:


Leila Daher

The workshop was such an enlightening experience where generations both young and old were able to grasp the way society views men and women and the way to handle the ever changing community views and beliefs supported by our beautiful religion. It was delivered in a beautiful and gentle way and everyone was sure to have taken something back!

Maisaa Ismail

May Allah reward you for such a beneficial workshop. Sexualisation is such an important issue to discuss especially because the fitnah of the Western worldview has seeped into the homes of Muslims. I’m so glad you don’t “shy away” from difficult topics such as sexual abuse. Sexual assault is a prevalent issue within the Muslim community but no one talks about it because of cultural victim shaming and blaming. Your workshop positively impacted me and some of the things you said really resonated with me. Things like when an attendee asked if she’s still a virgin if she’s been raped, you said (paraphrased), "although her hymen is no longer intact but she is a virgin in her essence." As a sexual assault advocate, I know many people who have been sexually abused and i’m glad that we have someone such as you in our community, a community that often shames and places blame on victims of sexual violence. you are truly making a positive difference for victims. Jazak Allahu kheir for everything you do.

Umm Uthman

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmat Allah wa barakatu Jahida.

Jazakallahu Kheir for last nights workshop, me and Rukaya both loved and enjoyed it (not to mention the beautiful sisterhood) !! 

 It was a BIG eye opener even for myself being a young mother to a teenager daughter. You put things in a better perspective which made my daughter comfortable enough to ask me questions and me to answer. May Allah swt reward you and your husband for all that you do for our community. 

Looking forward to your next workshop!

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