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About the workshop

Workshop Outline: "The Muslim Youth Guide on Sexual Health and Managing Desires". 


In today’s world, where information about sexual health is easily accessible yet often fragmented and misconstrued, the significance of providing a comprehensive workshop tailored for Muslim teens and young adults cannot be understated. Given the abundance of information available, our aim is to provide a clear and culturally sensitive understanding of these topics aligned with Islamic values. With this understanding, the importance of conducting gender-segregated workshops becomes paramount, as it creates a safe and conducive environment for candid discussions, addressing questions, and fostering a holistic understanding of these critical matters. This workshop aims to bridge the gap between contemporary knowledge and Islamic teachings, equipping the participants with the tools and insights to make informed, responsible choices in their journey towards a healthy and fulfilling adulthood.


Faz and Jahida, bring over a decade of experience as educators in Islamic schools. With roles as Wellbeing Coordinators, they also serve as dedicated mentors skilled at connecting with and understanding the needs of their students. Their commitment led them to diligently research and compose workshop content addressing a critical yet often overlooked subject due to its sensitive nature. Recognising the significance of this topic, they utilised their expertise, coupled with Faz's background as a Health and Physical Education Teacher, to design a workshop that imparts valuable knowledge and insights. This workshop, tailored to an Islamic perspective, equips your child with the necessary understanding and skills concerning sexual health.


Disclaimer: All workshop participants will be exposed to terminology related to sexual health and gain an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of sexual intimacy.

In the workshop, a designated question box is available for participants to submit their questions anonymously. These questions will then be addressed during the Q & A sessions.

Below is a brief outline of the objectives covered in the 3 hour workshop.

Objective 1: Sex in Islam and Sexual Identity

  • Students will gain insights into the meaning of creation and explore the concept of sexual identity from an Islamic perspective.

  • They will also receive an explanation regarding the different forms of Zina (illicit sexual activities) that can occur.

Objective 2: Respecting and Safeguarding Allah's Gift of Reproduction

  • Highlighting the sanctity of the reproductive system as a gift from Allah

  • Discussing the significance of responsible behaviour and preserving purity

  • Emphasising the role of marriage as a halal (permissible) way to fulfill natural desires.


Objective 3: Safe and Responsible Relationships

  • Promoting the importance of maintaining chastity before marriage in accordance with Islamic teachings. Learning how to interact with the opposite gender in an Islamic manner in places like school, work, community organisations, social media etc.

  • Understanding the concept of marriage as a sacred bond based on mutual respect and support.

  • Encouraging open communication with parents and mentors regarding relationships.


Objective 4: Emphasising Consent in Islam

  • Teaching the Islamic perspective on consent as a fundamental aspect of interactions.

  • Emphasising the prohibition of any form of coercion or non-consensual behaviour.

  • Encouraging students to understand and respect each other's boundaries.


Objective 5: Self exploration & The Islamic teachings

  • Acknowledging that discussions about masturbation can be sensitive but important to address as part of sexual health education.

  • Explaining that Islam encourages modesty and controlling one's desires in a halal (permissible) manner.

  • Emphasising that masturbation is considered haram (forbidden) in Islam due to its conflicting nature with Islamic values of purity and modesty.

  • Encouraging teenagers to seek guidance from trusted Islamic scholars or mentors if they have questions or concerns about this topic.

  • Strategies to fight off desires.


Objective 6: Respecting Modesty and Privacy

  • Encouraging modesty in discussing intimate matters in accordance with Islamic principles

  • Discussing ways to maintain privacy and respect personal space. Learning the importance of hiding sinful behaviour and sharing sinful behaviour of others.


Objective 7: Understanding Gender Roles

  • Emphasising mutual respect, support, and cooperation in accordance with Islamic teachings

  • Addressing stereotypes and misconceptions related to gender roles in Islam


Objective 8: Preventing Harmful Behaviours

  • Raising awareness about the dangers of engaging in premarital relationships

  • Discussing the potential consequences of harmful behaviours both in this life and in the Hereafter


Objective 9: The Impact of Pornography

  • Discussing the harmful effects of watching pornographic content on mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

  • Highlighting how pornographic content objectifies individuals and promotes unrealistic expectations about relationships and intimacy.

  • Addressing the addictive nature of pornography and its potential to lead to destructive behaviours.

  • Reminding participants of the importance of guarding their eyes and hearts from immoral content, as taught in Islamic principles.


Objective 10: Strategies for Resisting Temptations

  • Offering practical tips and strategies for resisting temptations related to pornography and inappropriate behaviour.

  • Emphasising the significance of seeking Allah's help through prayer and reliance on Him during challenging times.

  • Encouraging participants to surround themselves with positive influences, such as supportive friends and mentors.

  • Reminding teenagers that everyone may face struggles but that seeking repentance and forgiveness is encouraged in Islam.


Objective 11: To raise awareness about the harmful impacts of sexual diseases from an Islamic perspective.

  • Participants will learn about the potential physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences of engaging in sexual activities outside of marriage, in accordance with Islamic teachings.

  • Participants will learn about common sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and their transmission, symptoms, and potential long-term effects.



Note: This workshop aims to provide an Islamically appropriate environment for Muslim youth to learn about sexual health while upholding Islamic values and teachings. We value your child's well-being and look forward to fostering a positive and informative experience. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Faz on 0452181107 or Jahida on 0406590179.

Register for the 'Sexual Health & Managing Desires' Workshop

Males Only: This workshop is aimed at students whose parents feel are ready for these conversations based on their personality, environment and awareness of such topics. We kindly request that children under the age of 11 not be enrolled. 
Date and Time: Saturday, Sep 9, 1.30pm - 4.30pm

Venue: Itqan Institute: 46 Wellington Rd, South Granville

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* Please note, refunds will not be issued for cancellation or no shows. Our workshops allow a limited number of students to make it more effective and engaging for the participants. Your child's registration can be passed on to another child of your choice if yours cannot make it on the day.  

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