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About the workshop

No matter what age, most students are affected by peer pressure. Although there are positive types of peer pressure, like friends pressuring one another to do better in school, most peer pressure has a negative connotation. Peer pressure can come in many different forms, from rejection of those unlike you, to making fun of people for their differences, or even convincing someone to commit a crime.

Regardless of the form, peer pressure can be very damaging. Creating different ways for students to understand the consequences of succumbing to peer pressure is the key to stopping it. 

Part of healthy growing up involves reducing dependence on caregivers and making choices about which peer relationships we want to nurture and those we want to move away from.

Our Peer Pressure Workshop aims to help young people to understand and recognise the effects of peer pressure and to develop the skills to resist temptation. Teachers and parents should never underestimate the lure of acceptance and popularity in the evolving social world of older children and teenagers.

Our Peer Pressure workshop helps young people to understand the effects of peer pressure, to recognise when peer pressure is pushing them towards making bad choices and to develop the skills to resist temptation while maintaining dignity and self-respect.

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