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This workshop is designed to provide a safe and respectful environment for boys to discuss this important phase of their life. This class will allow for them to communicate with me as a health and physical education teacher, but will also give them the opportunity to connect with peers who are facing the same changes.
At the end of this course boys will have an understanding of the changes that their bodies undergo during puberty and have an opportunity to ask questions and receive answers that will empower them with knowledge to help them feel confident during puberty. The workshop begins with an understanding of the post-pubertal male body, then explains the transition period that takes them from pre-pubertal, through puberty, to the post-pubertal male body. The course will end with a question and answer session (boys can write their questions anonymously) and a limited overview of puberty in girls to address the curiosity with accurate and appropriate answers.  

Students can expect the workshop to be fun, casual and a comfortable learning environment. Although questions and comments are very much encouraged, students should feel free to talk as little or as much as they want. My teaching style will be conversational with an emphasis on ensuring understanding by all learners. I will use pictures, slides and of course games for review purposes and to add the fun! All our workshops start with 10 minutes of ice-breakers followed by the main topics to be covered in the workshops with review games pitched throughout. Sessions will end with 10 minutes of students working together to reflect on what they all learnt.

Here is an overview of what will be taught in the workshop:

1.  Organs, Functions and Relevant Hormones
Students will learn about the structure of the penis, scrotum, testicles and adjunct organs, their function and relevant hormones such as Testosterone in the post-pubertal male body.

2.  The Transition through Puberty: What, When, How, Why
We will discuss the what, when, how and why of the main tenants of growth of the penis and testes, erections and ejaculations, pubic, facial and underarm hair, voice changes and the growth spurt.

3. Thoughts, Feelings and Relationships
We will also dive into how puberty affects the thoughts, feelings, and relationships that boys develop during this time in their lives.

4. Age of accountability (Buloogh)
In Shariah terminology, it means to attain adulthood / maturity / puberty – the time when one becomes responsible and accountable for his/her own actions, thus deserving reward or punishment. We will discuss the importance of hygiene and linking Islam to concerns relating to 'awrah and sexual activity such as masturbation. A discussion of Ghusl and how it is performed will be taught to the boys. Puberty is a huge milestone in life and very impactful for a child. In society, puberty indicates that a child is fully a teenager. However, in Islam, puberty indicates the beginning of adulthood and this is highly significant for our child as it indicates:
• That their obligations become binding.
• That their sins begin to be recorded.
• That they become responsible for themselves.
In the workshop we will discuss how salah and fasting become an obligation.  

>>>> We will be providing complimentary fruit, chicken and mayo sandwiches and water for the students to enjoy during the break. If your child has any special dietary requirements please pack  lunch for them to bring along.

Information for Parents:

Due to the onset of puberty, it becomes obligatory in Islam for parents:
• to be aware of the signs of puberty in their child.
• to teach the signs of puberty to their child.
• to educate the significance of puberty to their child.
• to explain to their child that puberty is a sign from Allah that they are old enough to be accountable for themselves.

Many parents may feel shy or awkward to talk to their child about the changes that puberty brings about, but as the adults, we should understand that this is a part of life and Allah’s creation.
Our failure to fulfill the obligation of educating our children about these important life changes, is blameworthy and answerable for us. It is also detrimental to the well-being of our children because they won’t be mindful of their deeds being recorded, which can prevent them from intentionally sinning.
I am a Head Teacher who teaches health and physical education at a private secondary school in Sydney. This workshop will be taught using the same standards that I use to teach my students. The workshop will use genuine physiological vocabulary to describe the physical changes of the body. In addition, we will focus on the mental, emotional, and social changes that occur during puberty.
We will also dive into how puberty affects the thoughts, feelings, and relationships that boys develop during this time in their lives.

This workshop will consist of short lectures providing information, lots of discussion, review games, and a self-reflection guide for students to follow as we have discussions about each section. The purpose of the self-reflection guide is to allow students to take relevant notes, write meaningful reflections about each section, and to help students fully understand the effects of puberty and their feelings about those changes. We will also discuss safe and appropriate ways to cope with each of these changes.
Sensitive topics will be explained clearly and without bias, and any concerns around a child's safety and wellbeing will be raised with the parents immediately after class, allowing them to handle any issues privately within the family.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback please do not hesitate to reach out to me by contacting me via instagram DM or
I hope that we are able to develop a parent-mentor relationship that will allow you as a parent to feel comfortable reaching out to me beyond this class in support of your child.


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