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About the workshop (8-10 year olds)

This workshop is designed to help young children to get to know Allah through His names and attributes. To instill a deep love of Allah, and understand how much He loves us by teaching them Husn Al Dhan, which essentially means that Allah loves you because He created you, watches over you, and heals you. This session will allow the children to communicate and connect with me as a Young Minds Educator and a Youth Mentor, alongside peers of similar ages going through the same phases in life.

This is our first workshop for 2023 and will set the foundation for the following workshops that will be delivered on a consistent basis for children of this age group. 


At the end of the workshop, the children will have a deeper understanding of who Allah is, why and how Allah loves them, and acknowledging their blessings. Setting goals to reach our final destination (Jannah Alfirdaus). Understanding the three categories of Tawheed, and how to constantly make duaa.


In this workshop, the children will be provided with a workbook filled with beneficial knowledge using illustrations to better assist them in understanding the content and visualise it. They will then be able to:

  1. Ponder upon the creations of Allah and link them to Allah’s existence

  2. Understand Tawheed of Allah’s Lordship (Tawheed ar-Rububiyyah) which consists of:

  • Allah is the Creator of everything

  • Allah provides sustenance for all of His creations

  • Allah is the one who gives life and death to His creations

  • Allah has control over everything

  3. Understand the concept of worshipping Allah alone (Tawheed al-Uluhiyyah) by:

  • Asking Allah alone when making duaa

  • Seeking help from Allah alone

  4 Get to know some of the names and attributes of Allah (Tawheed al-Asma’ wa as-Sifat) so that they may:

  • Know who Allah is

  • Link it to their daily lives

  • Supplicate using His Names and Attributes


>>> Please pack a healthy lunchbox for your child/children. Water and party snacks will be provided <<<



This workshop will be a safe space for the children, to be who they are, and ask as many questions to help gain more beneficial knowledge and expand their understanding of the religion. It will consist of introducing ourselves through ice breakers, short lectures providing information through visuals and story telling, lots of discussions to clear any confusion and solidify understanding, toilet breaks, lunch, fun games, and activities to build relationships, develop friendships and grasp better communication skills.


Workshop Outline: 

  • 10:30 am - 10.50 am: Children settle in, introduction and ice breaker activities. 

  • 10.50 am - 11:50 am: Content delivery

  • 11:50 am - 12:10 pm: Toilet break and lunchtime

  • 12:10 pm - 1 pm: Content delivery

  • 1 pm - 1:30 pm: Free play (Students will engage in fun games and move from one station to another developing new friendships and enhancing their communication skills)


If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback please do not hesitate to reach out by contacting us via Instagram DM at or email at

JazakAllahu Kheiran

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